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Electrical Panel Replacement

The circuit breaker serves as the brain and nerve center of your home. When something goes wrong with it, you're putting everything you have at risk.

At Clements Electric, we're proud to be a trusted electrician in Mansfield that can solve a wide range of electrical problems in residential and commercial structures.

Addressing A Faulty Electrical Panel

If you're uncertain whether your electrical panel should get replaced, here are some of the warning signs and scenarios where an update could be necessary.

Complete Loss Of Power - Should you be experiencing a total loss of power, first confirm there aren't any widespread electrical outages or issues with your account. If everything is OK with everyone else and your account is current, this could signal a problem within your electrical panel, circuits, wiring, or outlets.

Old Or Original Electrical Panel - If you own an older home or building that uses the original or an older electrical panel, this is a strong sign that an upgrade or replacement is in order.

Frequently having to reset your circuits after tripping indicates the electrical panel can't handle the requests for power safely. Not surprisingly, many of the homes built, even in the late 1900s, had somewhat limited numbers of power outlets installed. Electrical systems that haven't gotten modernized to meet an average family's added demands could benefit significantly from an electrical panel upgrade.

Strange Noises Or Odors - There is likely to be a minimal amount of noise coming from your electrical panel at any time. If you ever smell strange odors or loud noises such as hissing or screeching, something in your electrical box needs attention sooner than later.

Adding Appliances Or Equipment - Often, appliances and other heavy equipment requires more electrical amps to operate. If the electrical system in your home relies on fuses instead of circuit breakers, the system probably won't handle the request gracefully.

Renovations Or New Home Additions - If you're making renovations or putting on a new home addition, it's an excellent time to assess your electrical panel to ensure it can support the added demands of a new room or an extended kitchen. By doing so, you're taking steps to avoid complications and unstable power through your home.

Safety Always Comes First!

It's important to note that a faulty or malfunctioning electrical panel causes multiple potentially dangerous situations. To ensure the highest safety level within your home or commercial building, hiring an experienced electrician in Mansfield to handle the problem is a smart decision.

Technicians from Clements Electric possess the training and tools to restore power, productivity, and safety to your home or commercial building. Contact us for your residential and commercial electrical needs in Mansfield.


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