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What You Can Expect From Our Electricians

Are you facing electrical issues? Worry no more. Choose Clements Electric for the best service in Mansfield, Texas area. We are a licensed company that provides electrical services to both residential and commercial buildings. Our electricians have the all-round experience to handle any electrical problem. In our company, we strive to produce a high-quality level of service by following the standard guidelines provided by the national electric code. We offer services such as: Installation and maintenance of wiring, control and lighting systems Inspecting electrical components like circuit breakers and transformers. Reading technical diagrams or blueprint Repairing fixtures, wiring, or equipm

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Troubleshoot Your Home For Safety!


Troubleshooting is how we are able to trace the problems within your home and discover malfunctions and failures.  We can then diagnose your home properly, which could save you money & offer peace of mind.

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