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Clements Electric Electrician Team
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Jennifer has been with Clements Electric 2 years. In that brief time, she has moved from CRM (customer relationship management) position to Call Center Manager to Office Manager. She is an overachiever. Jennifer grew up in California and moved to Texas in her early teens. She enjoys doing crafts with her son and hanging on the couch with her dog Ollie. When she needs a pick me up, she jams out to Beyonce. Jennifer is incredibly involved with her family and love thanksgiving with her son. Jen looks forward to the sweater weather fall brings each year.

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Fred has been and Electrician for 4 plus years. In his down time, he enjoys fishing. Fred grew up in Fort Worth, He is a proud dog owner. Knuckles is his pride and joy. On his days off you can catch him in his back yard enjoying his family and a good steak off the grill. He is always looking forward to his favorite holiday and family time at thanksgiving. Fred is always looking forward to the cool weather fall brings so he can enjoy is his fire pit.

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Luke has been in electrical for going on 2 years. Luke is dedicated his family and faith. He looks forward to Thanksgiving every year. He spends a lot of time of his time with Scout his mini-Aussie. Luke is a highly valued member of the Clements Electric team. He is dependable and always positive and looking for solutions. Luke grew up in Katy Texas with his 6 brothers and sisters.

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Vince has been an electrician for 14 years, he loves Christmas, fishing, and spending time with his family. Vince superpower is doing very well under pressure. He is in the process of saving up for a trip of a lifetime to Florence Italy. If you really want to surprise him, show up with a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. If we gave Vince a chance he would run service calls in his 1972 ford mustang.

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Guillermo has been an electrician for 4 plus years. His hearts passion is animal rehab. He grew up in San Bernadino Ca.  Christmas is his favorite holiday; he even calls it's a season. He is saving up for a trip of a lifetime to South Africa. Guillermos is a highly valued member of the team. He is a team driven crew member and does whatever it takes to make the team am success. We at Clements Electric wouldn't be the same without him.

About Clements Electric

Trusted Team of Experienced Electricians

Clements Electric has been servicing the DFW area since 1982 and has always been a family owned & operated company.  Our end goal is to make sure your homes electrical, lighting, & safety needs are met.  Therefore our focus begins with troubleshooting and repair. People call us with many situations about outlets, breakers, lighting, etc. that they are concerned of not working properly.

Failure & Malfunction


If you have not had your home checked regularly or you are concerned about a failure or malfunction, then we need to come troubleshoot the house. Our 30 + years of experience has taught us to start here.  At Clements Electric we are honest electricians who will only diagnose a problem if it truly exists.  Troubleshooting your home can in fact save you money in the long run.

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