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Electrical Panel in Fort Worth, TX

Upgrades, Repairs, and Replacements

Your home or office’s electrical system works like your body’s circulatory system. Acting like the human heart, the electrical panel controls and pumps the power. The circuits, on the other hand, function as veins and arteries that carry the electricity to all the plugs, lights, and appliances. If the electrical panel is obsolete or damaged, it doesn’t only affect the power distribution, but it also compromises the safety of your property—picture it as a congestive heart failure. Fortunately, Clements Electric is here to make sure your electrical panel is up to date and works perfectly, at all times.

Run A Small Portable Generator From Your Panel

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Electrical Panel Change

Our team of certified, skilled electricians provides electrical panel change in Texas. We recommend this service to clients with properties that are more than 25 years old and those who experience the following:


  • The lights flicker or dim every time you turn on a major appliance, such as an air conditioning unit or a refrigerator.

  • The electrical panel is always too hot to touch.

  • The electrical panel is a split-buss type, which was a popular choice in the 1960s and 1970s. The split-buss type has up to six main breakers, instead of having one circuit breaker, to shut down the entire panel. In turn, this old panel model is often subject to overload, power outages, and safety issues.

-The electrical panel is a Federal Pacific, GTE, I-T-E-Pushmatic, or Zinsco brand. These brands have been off the market for years due to their safety issues. Here are some other signs to look out for.

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Safe Panel Changes

Our electricians deliver quality on every comprehensive electrical panel change. Our services include upgrading the grounding system to protect against electrical shock. We also improve circuit breaker response times, fix old wirings, and replace other deteriorated parts. By upgrading your electrical panel, we help make your property’s “heart” healthy again. This, of course, ensures the safety of your family, staff, tenants, or clients, as well. 


If you want to learn more about our electrical panel change services, feel free to reach us, today.

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