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Decorative Lighting

LED Lighting in Fort Worth, TX

Installation and Services

In recent years, LED lighting has become the top lighting choice of many home and business owners in the US. LEDs or light-emitting diodes, after all, are more energy-efficient compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights. They bring a significant amount of energy savings, which, of course, matters to both residential and commercial clients.



Lighting & Installation

With all the benefits of using LED Retrofit lighting, we won’t be surprised if you decide to replace all your lights at your home or your shop with LEDs. If that’s the case, we’re here to help. We have a team of highly-qualified electricians that provide efficient LED lighting installations. With our tools and expertise, we can handle a job of any size. Whether you need LEDs for your two-story home or for an entire office building, you can count on us to get the job done.


To know more about our LED lighting services in Texas, don’t hesitate to contact us, today.

Our Promise

We perform the same work on your have that we would for our own grandparents. This we pledge. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

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Electrical Savings - More Ways Than One


Incandescent and CFL lights emit light in all directions. Because of that wide coverage, incandescent and fluorescent lights convert 95% of their energy to heat and only five percent into light. By contrast, LEDs are directional light sources. They emit light in one specific direction, using 95% of their energy to produce light and wasting only five percent on the heat. With that feature, LEDs can significantly lower your utility bills. Plus, of course, using LED lighting is a simple yet great way to contribute to saving the environment. 


For commercial clients, LED lighting plays many other important roles, too. For one, LED lighting enhances product display, thus, you no longer have to spend on extra costs to install custom lights for your shop or restaurant. Also, some studies say that LED lighting in the office promotes alertness and enhances productivity. Another benefit is that when you use LED lighting in your business location, you improve security footage resolution—and this can be vital in cases of burglary and break-ins.

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