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LED Retrofit Lighting For Businesses

Large-scale businesses, including hospitals and warehouses, are searching for ways to reduce both costs and their environmental footprint.

All steps that a significant company can take to reduce their consumption of non-renewable goods is likely to have a positive effect on both their bottom line and their business reputation.

Hospitals And Warehouses Are Rethinking Their Lighting

Undoubtedly, lighting plays a crucial role in keeping hospitals and warehouses running optimally.

In hospital environments, bright and dependable lighting is required in operating rooms to help ensure a flawless procedure. In addition to operating rooms, reliable lighting throughout the rest of the facility, including hospital wings, patient rooms, waiting areas, cafeteria, and intensive care units, providing the illumination needed to operate efficiently.

In warehouse settings, having bright and plentiful lighting helps with productivity and efficiency in daily operations. The better than employees can see what they are doing, the fewer mistakes they are likely to make on the job.

Parking Lots Are Another Concern

For both hospitals and warehouses, another critical area of concern is their parking lots. Providing a safe parking area for employees, guests, and other visitors is essential. According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice, almost 11% of violent or property crimes occurred in public, private, and residential parking lots in the four years between 2004 and 2008.

As you can imagine, this threat poses a substantial risk to the business reputation of respected companies. Overlooking the importance of a well-lit parking area is never a good idea.

LED Retrofit Lighting Offers A Solution

LED retrofits are an effective way to improve lighting, reduce energy costs, and enhance productivity and safety in the workplace. Offering multiple benefits, hospitals and warehouses can quickly address various issues facing their organization.

Lower energy costs save the company money and reduce their carbon footprint. Better lighting provides an improved environment for employees, patients, and guests. All in all, it is a 'win-win' situation for everyone involved.

Work With Lighting Experts

Clements Electric offers a wide range of services, including LED retrofits to industrial and healthcare systems in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Arlington, Texas area.

If your company is searching for ways to improve your operations, talk to us first. Our experienced and helpful team of electrical experts is happy to discuss your project and explore ways we may work together to solve all of your interior or exterior lighting requirements.

Parking Lot Lighting Specialists

Maintaining a well-lit parking lot is essential for keeping visitors to your business or facility safe when they use your parking lot. While you might think of a parking lot as being an especially dangerous space, the truth is that they are riskier than you might think.

Here are some stunning statistics from the National Safety Council worth reviewing if you manage a small or large-scale parking lot in the Dallas, Arlington, and Ft. Worth, Texas area.

Every year, tens of thousands of car accidents occur in parking lots and parking garages. These incidents result in thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths.

During the busy holiday season, parking lots are even more dangerous due to increased traffic volume, inpatient drivers/shoppers, and other distractions.

Protect Against Property Crime

In addition to the threat of accidents, parking lots often serve as a hotbed for other crimes and mishaps. According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice, nearly 11% of the property and violent crimes were committed in parking lots between 2004-2008. This figure includes offenses committed in commercial, non-commercial, and apartment or townhouse parking lots, and garages.

In 2009, 6% of purse snatching and pickpocketing occurred in parking lots or parking garages. Additionally, 80% of crimes reported in shopping centers happened in lots or garages. Other crimes could include carjacking, theft, or assault.

A Well Lit Parking Lot Provides A Safer Environment

While it's challenging to eliminate all accidents and crime in parking lots, providing a well-lit parking lot can help to decrease these incidents from happening.

Well-lit lots help people see what is going on around them more clearly. In dark lots, it's harder to see potential threats, including criminals who are targeting unsuspecting shoppers or visitors. Additionally, illuminated parking lots can help drivers navigate the lot better, with a lower risk of running over pedestrians or hitting another moving or parked vehicle.

As you can imagine, this helps to ensure a better overall customer experience when choosing your business for their shopping, residential, or other business needs. No one wants to live in or visit an establishment with a history of crimes in the parking lot.

Get Your Parking Lamps Fixed ASAP

One of the best ways to provide a safer environment for your guests is by addressing any parking lamps that require maintenance or replacement bulbs and ballasts as quickly as possible. LED lighting helps to ensure that all of your parking lamps are operating at optimal levels all year long.

LED Retrofits In Arlington TX, Fort Worth TX, and Dallas TX

If you manage a private or public parking lot in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington, Texas, and you need help restoring your parking lot lighting to optimal levels, give the experts at Clements Electric a call today.


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