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Green Forest


Installation and Services

These days, the demands for green energy are growing exponentially for various reasons. So whether you want to gain more independence from relying upon electrical grids or fossil fuels or you need to charge your new electric vehicle, Clements Electric is available to help.

With over 20 years of experience, our technicians can help with the right green energy solution for your home or business.



Clements Electric is committed to providing high-quality, prompt, and affordable electrical services. Our team of electrical technicians has extensive experience in the industry. As a result, we guarantee complete customer satisfaction!

Harness The Power Of Renewable Energy

Clements Electric can help clients in the DFW area switch to Green Energy to power their lives more mindfully.

  • Solar energy is renewable

  • Green energy reduces reliance on traditional energy sources

  • Generate your energy supply.

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Solar panels

Don't Let Energy Prices Get You Down!


With fuel and energy costs reaching record highs, there couldn't be a better time to switch to green energy!


We understand that upgrading to green energy represents a significant investment. To assist consumers in making the transition, we offer financing options for qualified clients, making the transition more affordable.

Homeowner and commercial clients in Dallas or Fort Worth can rely on our team of electrical technicians provides you with the best service at a competitive price!

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Enjoy The Benefits Of Green Energy


Green energy is the fuel of today and the future. This energy is ideal because it gets generated from natural resources, including solar or sunlight, wind or water.

Power Up



If you own an electric vehicle, you're thinking about buying one; installing an EV car charger at your residence or business location helps keep your vehicle ready to hit the roads.

Environmentally Friendly Fuel For Life


We maintain a solid commitment to providing safe and efficient eco-friendly power solutions. Green energy is ideal for anyone who wants to minimize dependence on traditional power grids and energy sources.

Enhancing Curb Appeal And Home Value


Adding green energy sources to your home or business property is the most forward-thinking improvement and upgrade you can make.

Generate Energy With Clements Electric


When it comes to green energy, we don't play around. We sell and install only UL-listed products and maintain memberships with respected trade organizations like the National Association of Electrical Inspectors - NAEI. 

When you're transitioning to green energy, you can rely on us to uphold the highest standards when completing a solar or green energy installation, repairs, or services.

Start living more efficiently with solar or green energy installed or serviced by Clements Electric today!

Call us now to start the conversation and get a free,
no-obligation estimate.

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