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Faulty Electrical Panels: 3 Warning Signs That Tell You to Act Fast

Here at Clements Electric, we believe in a simple analogy that perfectly sums up the importance of your electrical panel. In the same way that a human heart pumps and supplies blood into our brain and other internal body parts, the electrical panel is responsible for supplying power to your appliances. Electrical panels are also just as vulnerable.

In your home, many hazards exist that can potentially compromise the performance and safety of your electrical panel. But there are warning signs that allow you to determine when to contact skilled electricians in Fort Worth, Texas.

The following symptoms are your go-signals for an electrical panel update, as even repairs can be dangerous and costly.

1. Circuit Breakers Frequently “Trip”

Circuit breakers that trip more often is a telltale sign of an impaired electrical panel. Circuit breakers will eventually trip, and when that happens, all you have to do is to reset the lever back to the “On” position. But if your circuit breakers trip regularly, you have to turn your attention to the electrical panel.

A good way to know why your circuit breakers act this way is to look at their lifespan. Circuit breakers usually last a good 30 to 40 years, so it’s good practice to replace a panel that’s been in service as early as its 30th year. You can opt to replace the circuit breakers, but if the tripping problem persists, then you know it’s time for a panel upgrade.

2. Lights That Dim

Dimming lights are a common sign of electrical system trouble, and one of the most common causes for this is a faulty electrical panel. The rule behind this problem is simple: the lights receive too little voltage. But there is a workaround for this situation.

Check your if any major appliance that needs its own circuit connects to an established circuit. There must be specific circuits for major appliances. This ensures that your electrical panel is free from the danger of an overloading circuit. But if your lights continue to dim even if you have dedicated circuits for your bigger appliances, your electrical panel may be the one to blame.

3. The Presence of Rust and Corrosion

This is the most obvious sign that your electrical panel needs replacing. A rusting, corroded electrical panel simply isn’t safe or functional anymore. In fact, a visual inspection by an electrician is enough to warrant a report to owners regarding a safety concern.

Replace a rusting panel immediately and avoid a hazardous situation.

The Experts for the Job

A faulty electrical panel is no challenge for us here at Clements Electric. We’ve been handling this problem for more than 30 years, so you can be sure that when you give us as call, we’ll get the job done quickly.

But repair is not our only area of expertise. We can prevent a faulty electrical panel even before problems begin to show. We determine any defects in your entire electrical system, keeping it safe in the years ahead.

For all of your electrical needs, Clements Electric is the team to trust.


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