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How The Weather in Dallas Affects Electrical Systems

Although modern houses and buildings are equipped with a wide variety of fail-safe systems, there’s very little one can do against weather damage. Especially in Dallas, where conditions can be extreme at times, unpredictable weather can wreak havoc on electrical systems.

While most electricians in Dallas, Texas, can resolve electrical issues brought by severe weather patterns, it’s good to know how the weather can affect electrical systems. Narrowing the causes of your electrical system's failure would help experts provide you with efficient and effective solutions.

Tornado Alley

Sitting in the lower end of the infamous “Tornado Alley” of the Great Plains, Dallas is particularly prone to the destructive nature of tornadoes. Aside from the severe physical damage tornadoes unleash on a city, these twisters are also notorious for creating vast amounts of electrical energy in the area it hits. This is due to the intense electron/ion flow inside the vortex of wind.

This energy creates an electromagnetic field that disrupts the electrical systems of houses and buildings, but the biggest threat to these systems would be loose debris. Invest in wiring that’s designed to withstand severe electromagnetic disruption and keep backup generators behind high walls.

Severe Thunderstorms

The geography of Dallas puts it in a unique position in the Southern Plains. On one hand, it enjoys a humid sub-tropical climate because of the warm air from Gulf Coast, but on the other hand, cold fronts from the north also create a continental climate in that part of Texas. During spring, these two weather patterns collide, creating severe thunderstorms with lightning.

Because lightning strikes are unpredictable, it would be inefficient and dangerous to have a reactive mindset to protecting your electrical systems. Instead, take a more preventive stance. Invest in installing preventive maintenance such as a whole-building power surge protector, or power stabilizers with time-delay technology. Ask your electrician about the best lightning protection for your building.

Freezing Rain

Although power outages are most common during spring and summer, they can also happen during winter. Apart from high consumer demand, electric supplies can be disrupted by cold weather, especially freezing rain. Freezing rain is basically liquid rain that freezes upon contact with a surface that is below zero. If the rain falls continuously, the ice buildup becomes too heavy for most power lines, causing them to snap.

Freezing rain can also affect private buildings such as homes and commercial properties. If there are openings in your house that the rain can seep into, it can severely damage your electrical systems when the ice melts. This can not only lead to power outages, but it can also lead to fires.

To properly protect the electrical system of your home or commercial property, it’s always best to get expert advice. Clements Electric has been providing the Dallas-Fort Worth area with quality electrical, lighting, and safety solutions since 1982. This means we have the knowledge, the tools, and the people to help you protect your electrical system from inclement weather. Contact us today, and we’ll provide you with a fair and upfront estimate of the price of your project, along with financing options.


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