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Your Electrician Colleyville, TX

Licensed & Certified Electricians

Residential or Commercial


Clements Electric is located only 26 miles away from Colleyville, TX up Hwy 287 to 820. Our skilled electricians have been servicing the area since 1982. For those needing and searching for an electrician Colleyville, TX, then we are your best choice! Our team is friendly, trusted, experienced, and ready to service your residential home. Submit a request online and quickly have a service technician come directly to your home or business.


Expert Local Electricians


Your home or office's electrical needs must be left to an experienced professional.  Electrical work is very serious and no joke, therefore should not be a DIY project.  For your personal health and family safety, please hire a local Colleyville, TX electrician like Clements Electric. Our electricians have the experience and tools to handle any electrical issues that you may be dealing with at your residence or commercial property.


Whether you need to troubleshoot safety issues or handle a specific problem like switch installations, electrical wiring repairs, LED lighting works, panel changes, and more than expect our team to do a great job in a timely efficient manner. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We never have – and never will – cut corners on a job.


Top Service & Reviews


Staying true to our tagline, every member of our team is “born to wire” – this is our commitment to excellence and service. We show up at a job with smiles on our faces, assuring you that we are ready to deal with any electrical challenges. More importantly, our team delivers quality work, at all times. We’ve earned the trust of many clients, and now’s the time to earn yours.


The proof is in the google reviews and we have a bunch of great ones. Check out our electrician reviews then give us a call, today, to schedule an appointment. Hiring a professional electrical contractor has never been easier! Let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Clements Electric Lightning Bolt

Electrician Colleyville, Texas

You Can Trust!


Being a locally owned and operated electrician in Colleyville, TX is very important to us at Clements Electric. Since we are not a franchised corporate electrician, we are able to deliver the small-town local service that your family deserves. According to Wikipedia, in 2018 Colleyville had an estimated population of 26,945!


You have a beautiful community that is rich with life, great schools, and beautiful parks. Let us continue to deliver safe and reliable electrical services to your homes and businesses. Hiring an electrician is as easy as 1-2-3! Schedule a service call with one of our friendly customer service reps, or book online now.

We are electricians in Colleyville, Texas who are highly skilled professionals that are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems and lighting installation in residential and commercial properties. These electrical systems play a crucial role in ensuring that homes and businesses have access to safe and reliable electricity.

With Clements electrical services in Colleyville, Texas, we are trained to handle a wide range of electrical tasks, including wiring, lighting installation, circuit breaker replacement, electrical safety inspections, and much more. They must also be knowledgeable about the latest electrical codes and regulations to ensure that all work is up-to-date and compliant with local laws.


Service List
Whole House Electrical

  • Kitchens

  • Bathrooms

  • Additions

  • Ceiling Fan‎s

  • GFCI's‎

  • LED Can Lights‎

  • Meter Base‎

  • Interior Lighting‎

  • Electrical Outlets‎

  • Whole Home Surge Protection

  • Electrical ‎Panel Changes‎

  • Smoke Detectors‎

  • Outdoor Lighting‎

  • Ring Doorbell‎

  • Bathfans‎

  • Landscaping Lights

Experienced Colleyville, TX Electrician

Residential or Commercial

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