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Clements Electric Midlothian TX Electrician

Trusted Electrician in Midlothian, TX

Licensed & Certified Electricians

Clements Electric is located just 18 minutes and 13 miles from Midlothian, TX, off Hwy 287. We have been doing residential and commercial electrical work in the area since 1982. Our team is friendly, trusted, and experienced. Book online easily and quickly to get one of our licensed and insured technicians to your residential home or business.

Clements Electric Midlothian


As a homeowner, you want to ensure your family is safe and living in optimal electrical conditions. At Clements Electric, we specialize in residential electrical services in Midlothian, TX.

From minor electrical repairs to complex electrical projects, our skilled electricians have the expertise to handle everything. Whether you need help installing light fixtures or upgrading your electrical panel, we've got you covered.


As a business owner, you understand the importance of a reliable and efficient electrical system. Our licensed electricians also specialize in commercial services.

We can help with lighting installations and energy-efficient upgrades for your business. Our team has the skills to deliver great results and save money on utility bills.

We understand the unique requirements of commercial electrical projects and ensure that your business runs smoothly and safely.

Clements Electric Midlothian

Expert Local Electricians

Your home or office's electrical needs should be left to an experienced professional. Electrical work is serious and no joke; therefore, it should not be a DIY project. For your personal health and safety, consider hiring an electrician like Clements Electric.

We can troubleshoot safety issues or handle specific problems like switch installations, electrical wiring repairs, LED lighting works, panel changes, surge protectors, and more.

We never have – and never will – cut corners on a job.

Top Service & Reviews

Staying true to our tagline, every member of our team is "born to wire." This is our commitment to excellence and service. We arrive at a job with smiles, assuring you that we are ready to deal with any electrical challenges.

More importantly, our team delivers quality work and customer service. The proof is in the Google reviews; we have many great ones. Check out our electrician reviews!

To schedule service, call today to make an appointment.

Let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Clements Electric Midlothian

Experienced Midlothian, TX Electrician

Residential or Commercial

Top Electrician in Midlothian, Texas

You Can Trust Us!

Being a locally owned and operated electrician in Midlothian, TX is very important to us at Clements Electric. We are not a franchise or a large corporate electrician, which is why we are able to deliver the local service that your families and businesses deserve.

We understand that your city is a gorgeous small town and your community is full of life.  According to Wikipedia, the population of Midlothian grew by 121% between 2000 and 2010, to a population of 18,037. With great schools, beautiful parks, and lovely homes, let us continue to deliver safe and reliable electrical services to your residence or business. Book online with Clements Electric today!

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