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7 Telltale Signs You Need to Call an Electrician

Every year, there are 51,000 electrical fires inside homes. Those fires cause over 1,400 injuries, 500 deaths, and $1.3 billion worth of damage.

Your home's electrical system is not something to take lightly. If you notice an issue, you should call an electrician immediately.

But, sometimes it's not so obvious when you need an electrician. Read on to learn seven telltale signs you need to call an electrician.

1. Tripping Circuit Breaker

Is your circuit breaker tripping fuses frequently? If so, you need an electrician.

The occasional tripped circuit breaker is normal, especially if you're using a hair dryer at the same time as your space hearing. But if you're left in the dark on a regular basis, it's a sign that something is wrong.

A tripped circuit breaker may indicate unstable electrical currents. You may have a dangerous fault in your circuits.

Keep track of how frequently you trip fuses for your electrician. It's also helpful if you can narrow down the issue to one or a few fuses. The more information you can provide your electrician with, the easier their job will be.

2. Flickering Lights

Do you notice that your lights flicker or seem to dim at random times? No, you don't have a ghost. This is a common sign of a deeper electrical issue.

Pay attention to when your lights dim or flicker. Odds are, it's when you turn on or use a large appliance in your home.

This means the appliance is on the same circuit as your lights, which shouldn't be the case. If the appliance is using a lot of electricity, it shouldn't be on the same circuit as your lights or another appliance.

An electrician can move the appliance to a different circuit or even add another line if necessary.

3. Limited Outlets

Are you living in an older home with limited outlets? Do you find yourself with multiple extension cords and power strips plugged into one outlet? If so, you need to call an electrician.

Not only is having limited outlets inconvenient, but it's also dangerous. Overloaded circuits are a common cause of electrical fires in homes.

In fact, extension cords are only meant for temporary use. Appliances should always be plugged in directly to an outlet. Not only will you lower your risk of house fires, but you also won't have extension cords posing a tripping hazard.

A professional electrician is able to install outlets wherever you need them in your home. They can add as many or as few outlets as you desire. You'll never find yourself needed an extension cord or power strip again.

4. Older Wiring

It's great to protect the history and charm in your old home, but your home's wiring should never be old. Keep your family safe and make sure your wiring is up to date with modern times.

A common issue with older homes is that they aren't grounded. Improper grounding is common in houses over a decade old. This poses a large shock and fire risk. A good indicator that your home may not be properly grounded is only having two-prong outlets.

Also be on the lookout for cloth-covered wires, or black rubber hiding beneath switch and outlet covers. These are both indicators of older wiring and should be updated as soon as possible.

You'll improve the safety of your home by updating your wiring system. It may cost some money, but you can also save money on your future insurance prices.

5. Sparks Flying

When you plug or unplug something into your outlet do you notice a burst of sparks? If so, you need the help of a professional electrician.

The sight of sparks is an indicator of loose wiring. This may only occur with one outlet or could be a common problem throughout your home. Either way, it still poses a fire and safety risk.

An electrician is able to quickly fix your loose wiring problem. While they're at your house, ask them to look around for other electrical issues. If you have loose wiring it may not be your only issue.

6. Electric Shocks

Get a tingly feeling when touching an electrical outlet? Electric shocks can be a warning sign of a faulty outlet.

An electric shock poses health and fire issues like most other electrician problems. But if you notice electric shocks, unplug your appliances immediately. A faulty outlet can lead to your appliance getting completely ruined.

Save yourself a headache and the risk of injury by calling your electrician.

7. Presence of Moisture

It's common knowledge that water and electricity don't mix. But even the slightest presence of moisture can cause huge problems with your electrical system.

Look for signs of moisture around outlets and your electric panel. While the actual water may not be present, look for water damage or rust.

If you do find evidence of moisture, unplug your appliances and immediately call an electrician.

Water can ruin your whole electrical system, which is why you should always be on the lookout. If you catch the issue early enough, an electrician can save you from extra damage and spending extra money to replace your whole system.

Don't Hesitate to Call an Electrician

If you've noticed one or several of these issues in your home, it's time to call an electrician. Even if the issue turns out to be minor, your peace of mind is worth the call.

Your home's electric is not something to cut corners with. When looking for an electrician, look for these qualifications:

  • Experience in the field

  • References and great reviews

  • Warranties or insurance

  • How long they've been in business

If you're in need of a qualified electrician in the Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas areas, contact Clements Electric today! We provide free estimates and will troubleshoot your home for possible safety issues.


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