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Dealing With An Electrical Fire

Undoubtedly, watching electrical sparks ignite into flames is a terrifying experience. Fortunately, when you take action to extinguish the fire early, you can bypass more significant damages from a full-scale, massive house fire.

If you find yourself in a life-threatening situation where you need to stop a fire, the most critical thing to do is not panic, have a plan, and not make any mistakes. Time is of the essence! In fact, according to, it only takes two minutes for a fire to become life-threatening.

At Clements Electric, we want to help you prepare in the event of an electrical fire, so here are some helpful tips if facing an emergency.

If Possible, Power Down Your Electricity - Shutting off the electricity to the entire home helps prevent additional electrical problems after even a small fire.

If you cannot turn off the electricity, avoid your first reaction of throwing water on the flames. When you have an electrical fire, throwing water on it can result in more significant electrical issues, in addition to putting people at elevated risks of electrocution.

Safety Comes First - If the fire has started spreading rapidly, you may not have time to turn down the power. Safety should always come first. Anyone potentially in danger should evacuate the area immediately, and you should contact 911 for emergency response.

Combatting Minor Fires

In the event of a relatively small electrical fire, such as one caused by a small appliance like a toaster oven, regular baking soda stops the flames. As a precautionary measure, keeping a baking soda package easily accessible in places where electrical sparks might fly is a smart idea.

Fire Blankets And Extinguishers - As a best practice, every business and homeowner should have fire extinguishers and blankets in easily accessible places. Both of these items are highly effective at putting out medium size fires before they get too hard to control.

Situations That Put Your Home At Risk Of Electrical Fire

While electrical fires can happen anytime, there are certain situations or circumstances that put your property at higher risk.

Homes and buildings with outdated wiring, aluminum wires, non-grounded outlets, pest control problems, short circuits, overwhelmed plug bars can increase the chances of an electrical fire breaking out.

All of these situations contribute to faulty wiring that can quickly spark and ignite a more massive fire.

If you're suspicious your property has any of these common electrical issues, you must call a licensed electrician in Mansfield to inspect your system and make necessary repairs.

Clements Electric has experienced and skilled technicians available to address your electrical repair, installation, and upgrade needs. Contact us today to book a convenient service call.


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