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Danger: Do Not Perform Your Own Electrical Work

When it comes to repairs and installations around the house, many people think they can do the job themselves. There are certainly many minor home improvement jobs that can be done by the average person with little technical knowledge required and minimal risk. In many circumstances, it’s beneficial to do these jobs by yourself since it saves you money and allows you to improve your skills in home repair. However, when it comes to electrical work, it’s far too dangerous to do it yourself. It’s always best to let trained electricians handle the task to ensure the job is high-quality and as safe as possible.

If you’re still considering doing electrical work around the house on your own instead of allowing a professional to do the job, you should be aware of the specific risks involved.

Electric Shock

The smallest slip-up when working with electrical wires can result in you receiving an electric shock. Some people believe this is usually just a simple jolt that might leave a slight burn, but it’s much more harmful than that. An electric shock can easily land you in the emergency room, and the shock may be so powerful that it could be fatal. Even professionals who have plenty of skill and experience working with electricity frequently get shocked while working on wiring.

Exposing Others to Risk

Even if you get through the repairs and installation without being harmed, amateur work on electrical wiring may leave anyone who uses the appliance or lives in the home at risk. Improperly installed or repaired wiring can cause devices to overheat and burn users. If there is any exposed wiring, it may deliver an electric shock to anyone who touches it. For the safety of you and your loved ones, it’s best to leave any work involving electrical devices and wiring to trained electricians.


Few things are as devastating to a home than a fire, and poorly done electrical work is one of the leading causes of house fires. No matter if you’re working on small appliances or the wiring within your walls, it’s always best to call trained electricians to handle the work to reduce the risk of fires as much as possible.

No Insurance Coverage for Damages

If your amateur wiring work results in damages to your home, don’t expect homeowner’s insurance to cover the costs. Homeowner’s insurance will cover the costs of any damages caused by a licensed electrician. Still, it won’t cover damages that occur as a result of your work on electric appliances and wiring.

Violating Building Codes

If you ever want to sell your home, your improper electrical repairs and installations may not pass inspection. You’ll need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars getting everything professionally repaired to meet building code requirements.

In addition, most people who do electrical repairs and installations on their own don’t realize that they may need building permits. Without proof of a building permit, you could face fines and additional problems with passing a home inspection.

As your local Mansfield Electrician, Clements Electric is here to ensure your safety. Book us today for questions regarding your electrical issues.


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