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Electrical Tips To Keep Your Children Safe

Electrical Tips To Keep Your Children Safe: Avoid Electrical Accidents

You want to do everything in your power to keep your children safe. In this article, we'll review electrical tips for parents that you can use inside your home while recreating outdoors and traveling. We hope these help to keep you and your family safe!

Use Outlet Plug Covers

Let's face it; little ones are notorious for wanting to stick their fingers into everything! And once they're able to scoot, crawl, and walk, anything in their path is open game. By installing outlet plug covers, you're taking steps to protect them from acting on the urge to stick their fingers in those attractive but potentially deadly outlets.

Don't Keep Powered Electrical Appliances Near Water

Electricity and water are a deadly mix! So to keep all of your loved ones safe from the dangers of electrocution, avoid keeping powered appliances away from water, including sinks, tubs, showers, and washbasins. And, of course, never use electrical-powered devices that aren't safe for use in wet environments when bathing, showering, or swimming.

Don't Swim During Thunderstorms

Much the same way you don't want to introduce live electrical currents from household appliances to your tub, shower, or sink, it's never safe to swim during thunderstorms. Lighting carries a significant risk of electrocution, and lightning could charge the ground near a thunderstorm with electricity. Further, water serves as a conduit for electricity, so swimming in the ocean or a pool during a thunderstorm is dangerous for people of all ages.

Don't Fly Kites Near Power Lines

While kite flying is a fun activity for a breezy day, kids should never fly kites in areas that are close to power lines. The danger of electrocution is too great.

Power lines are often above a high-voltage electric transmission system, and so, the potential for disaster outweighs any fun that people can have while flying a kite near them.

Fly your kites in areas away from power lines or always use protective measures such as Kevlar strings to protect against the accidental transmission of electrical charges. Ideally, you should seek out wide open areas without any power lines close to where you'll be flying.

Don't Touch Or Climb Trees Near Powerlines

Trees are an essential part of recreation, but it is dangerous for children to be near trees close to powerlines.

While adults can often feel the shock from a transmission line before contacting one, small kids may not have this ability.

The electricians at Clements Electric care about your health and wellbeing, so please make sure to avoid the worst by following these safety tips! It's better to take precautionary measures than have to face the potentially life-altering consequences of not following electrical safety measures.


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