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Keep Cool While Keeping Costs Low This Summer

With summer fast approaching, it’s tempting to just crank up the AC to as high as it can go and bask in the cool air. However, there are better, cheaper, and more effective ways to beat the summer heat.

To keep cool while keeping costs low, electricians in Arlington, Texas suggest maximizing the devices you use to cool yourself down while eliminating appliances that might be secretly bumping up your electricity bill. Here are some ways to cool down for less this summer.

Keep the Air Circulating

One of the cheapest ways to cool down a room at night is to open up your windows. This allows the cool evening air to enter your home and draw away the oppressive heat of the day. Help that breeze out by having ceiling or boxed fans to encourage air flow. Use ‘Energy Star’ certified fans, as these have been found to be 60% more efficient than other fan units.

With regards to ceiling fans, pay attention to the direction of their rotation. During the summer, keep them rotating in a counter-clockwise direction, as this forces air down and provides you with the ‘wind-chill’ effect, as opposed to a clockwise movement which draws the air up and out.

Get a Helping Hand from Nature

The right type of trees planted in the right position can greatly reduce the heat a house gets from the sun. Plant trees on the east and west sides of your house, as the shade from these shrubs, will help block the setting and rising sun.

Ground-covers such as Liriope and Asian Jasmine are common shrubs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are effective at cooling down the outside of your house by up to 10 degrees. Experts also suggest that hanging vines in windowsills and patios can help cool the air that flows into your home.

Keep Your AC Efficient

A well-maintained AC system is an efficient AC system: regularly serviced AC’s cool rooms for less energy, meaning you pay less in electricity bills. Keep AC's efficient by making sure that the filters aren’t filthy; replace broken filters and clean out dirty ones on a regular basis.

Central air can be more efficient if it’s used to cool down smaller spaces. Close up unused rooms and vents, as your AC unit will have to work extra just to cool down rooms with no one in it.

Watch Out for Energy-Draining Appliances

Energy-draining appliances, or “Vampire” appliances, are devices and electronics that use up electricity even when not in use. Experts at the Department of Energy state that vampire appliances waste around 10% of the total energy in an average home.

Appliances like Smart TV’s, desktop PC’s, cable boxes, and even coffee makers use 4% electricity while switched off. Phone chargers and gaming consoles also consume energy even when not in use, so it’s best to unplug these devices to avoid unnecessary electricity usage.

Hunt these vampire devices down by consulting a trusted and skilled electrician. Clements Electric has an in-house team of expert electricians who can help you minimize your energy costs this summer by finding ways to maximize the appliances you have at hand. Contact us today to learn more.


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