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WOW! The Leviton Load Center Hits The Market

The Leviton Load Center Circuit Breaker

As a homeowner, there are many responsibilities that you have. One of these is keeping the interior of your home safe, including your electrical wiring. Since you're not likely a professional electrician, you'll need to hire a professional to handle any of the electrical work in your home. If you feel your current circuit breaker is unsafe, you're simply looking to upgrade your breaker box, or you need a new one installed, then you may want to learn a little about the Leviton Load Center. The Leviton Load Center is a brand new intelligent circuit breaker system. It allows for all the regular functioning of a circuit box, but it's integrated with top of the line technology. It has optional internet connectivity and an all plug-on design that allows for easy installation. You'll love the numerous safety features that come along with this electrical circuit breaker that exceed the UL standards of safety. You'll never find energy management quite as easy with any other load center. A Little History On Leviton Before you buy any brand product, it helps to understand the reputation the brand holds. Leviton has been known in the electrical industry for over 110 years now. They've developed an unparalleled reputation of innovation alongside safety for all their electrical products. With the recent introduction of smart technology into their products, they're becoming the new leader in electrical panels. The Clear Benefits Of This Smart Technology Electrical Panel Leviton has crafted a very smart electrical panel that is becoming the new norm for homeowners, builders, and contractors alike. With no real other electrical circuit breaker on the market like it, it's truly one of a kind technology. Here are some of the clear benefits you'll gain from having this type of electrical panel installed in your home. More Safety Tripping is a way to ensure that the electricity is shut off when surges occur. With the hydraulic-magnetic trip technology that Leviton has crafted, precise tripping is very effective. It doesn't matter what the environmental temperatures are, this system will trip regardless when needed. This also comes with AFCI, GFCI, and dual function circuit breakers that have a patented lockout reset. This means that if there is an arc fault or ground fault, the breaker won't reset. Approachability Right off of the bat, you'll notice easier switching with Leviton's unique rocker-style actuators. The color indicators in the actuator handles will help you or your local electrician to see what's operational at one swift glance. There's no more need to stare at the switches for minutes to determine which one is currently tripped. Instead of the traditional black or grey breakers, this panel sports sleek white colored circuit breakers. This panel comes with intuitive LEDs that work to alert you of tripped breakers quickly. Depending on the model that you decide to purchase, you can have an all-white exterior or optional observational window, so you won't even have to open the panel door to see what tripped. Easy Installation While you may not be installing your own wiring, the price to do so will highly depend on the amount of work required. The more time your local electrician has to put into installing your panel, the more money it's going to cost you. With Leviton, you can ensure that your electrician will have a very easy install that won't take them too much time. Therefore, you'll be saving yourself some money with this type of panel box. The wires going into the box for this system can be easily terminated at the custom lugs on the panel. This means the wires can be installed without the circuit breakers installed. This means the final installation will simply be plugging in the circuit breakers. You'll never have to worry about pigtails on this circuit breaker. This also comes with convenient notches that stamp down the cable ties for neat wiring installation. Standing Out From The Rest This circuit breaker panel is truly one of a kind. It's the only residential circuit breaker that has entirely plug-on technology. With the neutral and hot wires terminating at the custom lugs along the breaker panel, the circuit breakers simply get plugged in later. This eliminates the need for pigtails. This means no excess wires hanging around your breaker box and causing safety concerns. A Closer Look At The Leviton Technology Used As you've learned by now, Leviton is leading the industry in residential electrical panels. They bring a lot of their own technology to these panels that make them highly unique to the market. Let's take a closer look at some of the technology features each one of these panel boxes brings to the residential homeowner who has one installed.

Leviton Load Center Technology

GFCI/AFCI Protection The GFCI and AFCI breakers use a patented technology that helps to keep your family's safety in mind. These boxes have reset lockout technology. This means that if there is an arc fault or a ground fault currently present in the system, the reset switch will not work. Hydraulic-Magnetic Trip Technology Their hydraulic-magnetic trip technology has exceeded the expectations of many in the industry. This allows circuit breakers to operate in the most extreme of temperatures. The wide range this load center covers is negative 40 degrees celsius to 85 degrees celsius. This means peace of mind for any homeowner regardless of where they live. This also makes Leviton panels great for garages and other outdoor areas. LED Diagnostics Figuring out what breaker tripped and the type of fault that occurred is easier than ever with this specific load center. It sports LEDs that make it super simple to see what has tripped. The LEDs will remain lit with their customized line-side power feature. You'll easily be able to identify the type of fault that you're dealing with whether it be AF or GF. My Leviton Mobile App Technology

Leviton Load Center Mobile App

One of the most unique features about this type of panel is the Leviton Application that links up to your box. You can view real-time energy usage data broken down by day, month, week, or year. This will help you to calculate what your monthly energy costs will likely be. You can also control any circuit remotely from your phone. The system status is always available so that you can detect when critical loads on your system need to be addressed by you or a trained electrician. You can receive alerts and updates about circuit breaker trips, loads not drawing any power for an extended period of time, and loads that are currently on. Firmware updates can easily be installed through your My Leviton Application.

The Most Appealing Panel Box Ever Produced If you look at the many panel boxes that are available, they all tend to look the same. Most sport a light grey exterior that is easy to identify by any homeowner. However, the Leviton brand has changed the way that the load center looks. Now, it brings its own aesthetic appeal to your home. The all-white panel box allows for a more modern and sleek look. With the optional clear panel cover, you can easily evaluate any tripped conditions with a glance. The iconic rocker handle alongside the LED lights allows for easy reading of the load center for the average homeowner. You'll notice a more comfortable user experience with this particular load center as compared to others on the market.

Clements Electric Texas is a proud dealer of Leviton Load Center circuit breakers and we would love the opportunity to install one in your residential home or office. If you have questions about Leviton and want to see what this system can do for you, then please contact Clements Electric or book online today!


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