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How Often Do You Audit Your Home's Electrical?

If you've lived in your home for a while without having an electrical issue, it's easy to forget how vital maintenance is in keeping everything running correctly.

While you might not think much if you notice flickering or dimming lights when you vacuum, this could serve as an early warning signal that your electrical system is under stress. As much as you might want to put off calling an electrician to investigate the issue, the sooner you get an expert to look at the problem, the better.

Obsolete Or Old Wiring And Electrical Components

Old or obsolete wiring and electrical components can prove dangerous. Unfortunately, you might see visible signs of deterioration in many cases because of their installation behind walls or enclosed in the electrical part itself.

Events that lead up to electrical breakdowns are known as "faults." Earth faults occur when an electrical system isn't grounded correctly. Electricity always gravitates towards the ground, using the least resistant path. If that path is another cable or a person, it uses it.

Arc faults can get described as a discharge in an incorrectly or loose connection in your electrical system. This type of defect has the potential for causing life-threatening damage by starting a fire.

For safety and to avoid the potential for serious harm to persons or property, it's critical to have a skilled electrician examine the wiring, fixtures, and other electrical components in your home to check for wear and damages.

If you own or live in an older home and the electric hasn't gotten updated to meet the needs of modern appliances, devices, and living requirements, Clements Electric, a trusted electrician in Mansfield, can help you bring your home up to speed.

How Long Should I Wait To Audit My Electrical System?

When buying a new or existing home, hiring a home inspector to check out the electrical system before purchasing the house helps you avoid surprises.

Should the inspection unveil significant damages or shortcomings in the electrical system, you can make a better-informed buying decision before signing any contracts or purchase agreements.

Factors that could impact how frequently an electrical system needs auditing include the number of appliances and devices you have. Generally, electricians recommend every three to five years.

GFCI outlets should get tested twice a year. This task is straightforward. Just press on the test or reset button to ensure they're working correctly.


Electricity is among the things that are always there, running unassumingly. If you hear strange noises or notice smoke or an acrid smell, contact an experienced electrician ASAP is an intelligent decision.

After all, there isn't a price tag you can put on your and the lives of your loved ones!


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